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In the big screen market, the impact of patents on splicing screen enterprises!

Article Source:Shenzhen Nainuo Technology Corp.LTDRelease Date:02/11/2018[smallinBig]

With the development of large screen splicing industry, it has entered the stage of brand competition. Innovation ability is the core competitiveness. Enterprises have attracted the attention of many large screen splicing enterprises by participating in market competition with patent means.

At present, we see countless "shanzhai" flying around in the large screen splicing screen industry. The reason is that although it is abominable for the Shanzhai people to speculate, the orthodox brand is too easy to worry about, or even not enterprising, which is also one of the objective reasons for its predicament.

In the current fierce market competition, large screen splicing screen enterprises should take the initiative to seize market share by means of evidence preservation and property preservation.

Due to the relatively low amount of compensation and the long time span, some large screen splicing screen enterprises choose private "harmony" in the face of patent infringement. From the point of view of enterprises, patent work must be an investment and a cost. In many cases, if not necessary, enterprises are often reluctant to invest this money. However, paying attention to the protection of intellectual property rights is a means of competition.

Large screen splicing screen enterprises must realize that patent management is different from information management, human resources management and other work. Specific standards and data are difficult to quantify, and no one can guarantee how much investment enterprises can get specific returns.

How the patent administrator promotes the development of patent management in the whole business process of the enterprise is of vital importance to any large screen splicing screen enterprise. In the process of patent management, there are five stages.

The first step is to import.

At this stage, only one thing needs to be done is to let the decision makers of large screen splicing screen enterprises understand what patents are. Only when they understand the importance of patents, will they be interested in investing in them.

The second stage is the growth period.

According to the actual situation of enterprise research and development, it is necessary to establish which enterprises'technological advantages, which things are patentable and which specific patents can be used.

The third stage is maturity.

Large screen splicing screen enterprises must consider a factor when promoting patent management, that is, embedded in the various processes of enterprises, which is crucial for enterprises. The so-called mature period is to let patent awareness and patent action automatically circulate in the whole business operation process of large screen splicing screen enterprises and become part of their own blood.

The fourth stage is the integration period.

Intellectual property rights are not single. There will be a patent package among many patents. A good combination of patents is needed to form a useful product. There must be a process of turning patents into composite products in patent management.

The fifth stage is strategic support.

Hope that many large screen splicing screen enterprises can fully recognize the role of patents in the development process of enterprises. In the future, only those large screen splicing screen enterprises that are good at using intellectual property means to safeguard their own interests will have a broader market.

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