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The promotion of video and information technology is conducive to the application of LCD LCD screen in the security field.

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In recent years, with the rapid development of video information technology, the traditional CRT analog display technology has been transformed into digital display technology such as DLP, PDP plasma, LCD, and also from heavy and heavy screen structure to light flat panel display equipment, which is ultra-thin and lightweight, compared with other digital display technology. The low price advantage of display equipment makes it fast to be popularized 

Because  LCD LCD splicing screen splicing technology is to take each unit as an  independent splicing processing system, input a complete signal and  control signal, each unit processing by itself, this can ensure that  each unit to process the signal volume is small, fully ensure the image  clarity and video fluency.  In terms of monitor and LCD wall, DLP and LCD have always been  inseparable, each has its own unique advantages, and this pattern may  change rapidly in the future.  Even if it does not become the terminator of DLP splicing wall  technology, LCD splicing technology will become the largest market share  technology, which is the consensus of many practitioners in the LCD  splicing wall industry. We cannot ignore the great charm of liquid crystal splicing products in different market segments.

In short, focusing on LCD LCD splicing of low energy consumption, long life, high-definition characteristics, by the field of its favor. From the current application trend of China's market, it has become a trend to use LCD large screen to establish monitoring and command system in important parts of national transportation, transportation hub, large-scale venues and so on. Especially in the field of security monitoring system, LCD large screen LCD splicing wall is gradually replacing the traditional CRT, DLP splicing wall, becoming the preferred successor of professional security monitoring splicing large screen.

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