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The characteristic of DID super narrow edge LCD splicing screen that occupies 60% mosaic market.

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With the development of LCD technology, splicing technology, image processing technology, signal switching technology and other TV curtain wall related technologies. Especially in today's increasingly homogeneous spliced large screen products, the physical attributes of spliced products are almost the same. The probability of defeating competitors through the general functional value of products is becoming smaller and smaller, and it is increasingly difficult to achieve long-term competitive advantage. Then in the LED display, LCD splicing unit, DID splicing large screen, DLP box splicing screen and other splicing screen, DID ultra-narrow side LCD splicing screen currently dominates the market, what characteristics make it achieve its present status!

DID ultra-narrow edge LCD splicing screen is a new way of large screen splicing. It can be infinitely spliced. It adopts parallel high-speed graphics processing technology. The product has high definition, high brightness and high color gamut LCD display technology, embedded hardware splicing technology, multi-screen image processing technology, signal switching technology and so on. To form an advanced LCD mosaic curtain wall display system with high brightness, high definition, low power consumption and long life, which has good display, demonstration, advertising and publicity effect, and is easy to install without space restriction.

Widely used in: video surveillance, telecommunications, public utilities, process processing, traffic control, security surveillance and national defense, stage entertainment, television studio, stock securities, large-scale exhibitions, shopping malls, banks, office halls, company reception screens, exclusive stores, dispatching command center and other fields.

Product features of DID super narrow side liquid crystal mosaic screen

1. Adopt the most advanced image processing chip in the industry, support full high-definition resolution, picture-in-picture function, and support a variety of image interfaces;

2. Better color saturation: The color calibration technology specially developed by the product can make the stitching wall achieve 92% high color saturation. Through this technology, color calibration of static and dynamic pictures can be carried out to ensure the accuracy and stability of picture output.

3. Uniform brightness, image stability and non-flicker: Because each point of LCD screen keeps the same color and brightness after receiving the signal, it belongs to digital point-to-point display, so there is no problem like CRT scanning display. Such as image flickering.

4, support multi screen image mosaic, screen can be full screen or sub screen display, support virtual screen.

5. The user can open the window flexibly and define the size. The picture can be zoomed, moved and roamed freely without the restriction of physical stitching; (optional)

6, better reliability: support for 365 days without stopping work, backlight life can reach more than 60 thousand hours. LCD screen life longer

7, simple operation, easy maintenance, wide applicability and strong stability.

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