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 Shenzhen seamless splicing screens,lcd splicing screens, DID LCD splicing screens manufacturer


                              Four reasons for you to choose us trustingly!




 LCDsplicing screens ? Global famous brand, quality assurance
  Original imported panel ? pass international attestation, guarantee the quality
  Pass the ISO9001: 20008 international standardization
  Focus on the study and manufacture of LCD splicing screens!


CBRL - omit redundant procedures maximized share the to you

 since we accessed the markets in 2009, we are recognized by enterprises
  Focus on the study of LCD splicing screens, believable brand!
  The quality of our products meet the international standard, the price of our products are superior to that of imported ones

 Distribution Network


 Nationwide sale network - export to different regions
  The sales cover all provinces of the nation, national unified management
  Successfully Serve thousands of customers, cover different industry
 100% customer retention, 99% satisfaction rate

 Professional service, one-to-one customer service officer
 Long-term cooperative physical distribution, free delivery to Shenzhen
 Perfect after-sale service, one-to-one customer service makes you away from future worries
 Nainuo LCD splicing screens - year warranty, life maintenance

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